Hi there, and welcome on my site.
My name is Ruben Ras, but I'm also well know as workfromtheheart. I've build this site to show my MOC's (My Own Creations) in a way I like, on a site I like. Of course you're all familiar with BrickShelf or Flickr and you'll find my creations there also.

Of course I'd love to get some comment on my creations, but I'm not that good with building a site (just plain HTML and CSS) to build a guest-book, a forum or something fancy. If you'd like to comment you can always send me a e-mail. But I'm also happen to be a proud member of  LOWLUG and  BrickLink, so you can also contact me with the contact features on those sites.

I tried to make this site appealing, and build in a little script. If you click on a My Avatar - Click Mepicture, it will either take you to a page where the creation is shown, or it will blow up large so you can view the pictures just right. Just give it a try with the avatars on this page.

I'm not only open for suggestions about my creations, but also for suggestions about this site or my grammar ;-).

Ruben Ras